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Bubble PR started working with Jurassic Stone Ltd in March 2012 and is using a variety of PR tools and methods to create and establish a reputation for its products as the finest examples of pre-history available today.

These extremely rare and exquisite pieces of Petrified Wood, unearthed by Jurassic Stone, are now available as works of art to adorn the finest homes and gardens.

Petrified Wood is a fascinating and remarkable phenomenon; a three dimensional fossilised representation of a tree, once living and breathing yet turned completely into stone by the process of petrification, which occurs underground when the tree has fallen and becomes buried. Over a long period of time, due to the lack of oxygen and a flow of mineral-rich watery sediments in the ground, all the organic matter is replaced with minerals while retaining the structure of the wood; preserving it in its original shape but as pure stone with all of its magnificent detail including grain structure, growth rings, knots and bark.

Petrified Wood from Jurassic Stone far outdates many of the other petrified sites in the world, dating between 180 and 230 million years - from the late Triassic period, when the first true mammals and first flying vertebrates evolved through the Triassic-Jurassic extinction event to the early Jurassic period, the age of the reptiles when dinosaurs became increasingly dominant. So, Petrified Wood from Jurassic Stone originates from trees that stood tall as part of a lush tropical rainforest before the first real birds took flight.

Unique and alluring showpieces are being created by Cathedral-trained stonemason, Nicholas Bragg, who takes inspiration from the colour, formation, size and shape of each trunk, branch and block and enhances its glorious natural features using specialist hand tools to produce stunning individual works of wonderment.

The semi-precious stone is said to have many mystical, spiritual and healing properties.

Finished sculptures of the enchanting stone will be exhibited in various galleries throughout 2012 and there are permanent collections for viewing and purchase at Nicholas Bragg's Designastone Workshop at Earlswood Lakes Craft Centre in the West Midlands and at Dream Bathrooms in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

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